August Creative Thresholds is here!

The online magazine I curate/edit/sometimes contribute to, Creative Thresholds, came out last Thursday with the August issue. (It comes out the last Thursday of every month). It’s a great issue with work by Peter Ciccariello, Seana Reilly, Pascal Gault, and Daniel Boscaljon (with an image from my In and Out of the Frame project). We’ve also added a new Twitter page to join our fairly new Facebook page.



Seana Reilly:  Natural Inclinations


Pascal Gault: Uncertainty in Photography and Interstitial Space

Pascal Gault-Photo 26862

 Daniel Boscaljon: Characters: X and I (and you)

rothko experiment mother and child three.1.3

2 responses to August Creative Thresholds is here!

  1. Thought provoking images that I had to look at twice! I like images that make you analyse to understand what is happening. looking forward to future posts. Andrew

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