Instead of the Scheduled Run…Play with Fog and Sun

I laced up my shoes this morning to do a short run and found everything covered once again (like it is so often in October/November) in a beautiful, gauzy mist, slightly heavier than usual. So I ended up taking a leisurely photographic walk up the road as the sun came up–and finished with a super quick run once the fog began to burn off. Here are a few I took with the black and white app MPro and, unusually, shotRead more

Barbed Wire, Cow Hair, and Pearls of Rain

I’m always fascinated by beauty found in unconventional places. These photos are from my uncle’s farm, where the hairs from cows reaching their necks through the barbed wire fence (to munch on the weeds on the other side) got caught and grew garnished with gossamer spider threads and miniature drops of rain. Iphone 5s, Camera+ app (macro setting)Read more

Light Present and Past

Last week my uncle was baling hay and I couldn’t resist taking my phone and getting a few shots of the farm and bales one evening. I grew up going to his and my grandparents’ farm, staying weekends and weeks at a time over the years. Those were hot halcyon days filled with hazy, diffused sunlight and (barely) cool breezes blowing through the windows in the evening. I was playing around with the Retrolux filter in the Snapseed app andRead more

At a Rest Stop on Mother’s Day

I don’t know why I’d never stopped at this rest area before. It’s the first one, right inside the South Carolina line coming from Georgia. It’s not like I haven’t driven that stretch of road dozens of times over the years. But today, I stopped. I’m glad I did. The rest stop sits on Lake Hartwell, and behind the mandatory rest stop facilities are a thick swath of trees on land gently sloping towards the water. I got out myRead more

Yesterday’s Unplanned Trip to the Cemetery

What made me stop the car was seeing this juxtaposition: A fire hydrant. And just behind–flowers to honor and remember the dead. Are they not both there to “save” something? I’ve loved cemeteries for the last several years, finding them not spooky and macabre but peaceful and full of gentle but hopeful reminders of our finite life as human beings. Cemeteries remind me not (just) of death but of a life that is beyond our ultimate control everyday–nonetheless, it isRead more

iPhoneography Monday: Black and White (in a Fog)

A couple of weeks ago I played hooky from all my early morning responsibilities by taking my iPhone out for a leisurely (and beautiful) walk in the fog. I posted a couple of the photos from that day in What I Did Instead….. What I’d forgotten is how many photos I’d taken with Camera +┬áthat I’d not moved to my camera roll. I discovered them last Wednesday when I’d stopped to take a photo of a rainbow on my wayRead more