Barbed Wire, Cow Hair, and Pearls of Rain

I’m always fascinated by beauty found in unconventional places. These photos are from my uncle’s farm, where the hairs from cows reaching their necks through the barbed wire fence (to munch on the weeds on the other side) got caught and grew garnished with gossamer spider threads and miniature drops of rain. Iphone 5s, Camera+ app (macro setting)Read more

Old Photos, New Play: Back to Nature and Landscapes

I take a lot of photos with my iPhone. That’s why I have 64 GB storage. I don’t like to let very many of them go. Recently I’ve been in a landscapes mood. I’ve been scrolling through my camera roll, my fingers itching to play with expanses of nature. ┬áSo I played and edited three old photos along with a new photo I took last week (“lone pole,” the last one below). Sometimes a photo I dismiss in the momentRead more

Light Present and Past

Last week my uncle was baling hay and I couldn’t resist taking my phone and getting a few shots of the farm and bales one evening. I grew up going to his and my grandparents’ farm, staying weekends and weeks at a time over the years. Those were hot halcyon days filled with hazy, diffused sunlight and (barely) cool breezes blowing through the windows in the evening. I was playing around with the Retrolux filter in the Snapseed app andRead more