Light Present and Past

Last week my uncle was baling hay and I couldn’t resist taking my phone and getting a few shots of the farm and bales one evening. I grew up going to his and my grandparents’ farm, staying weekends and weeks at a time over the years. Those were hot halcyon days filled with hazy, diffused sunlight and (barely) cool breezes blowing through the windows in the evening. I was playing around with the Retrolux filter in the Snapseed app andRead more

A Little Fun with my iPhone on a Wet, Foggy Day

There was a beautiful fog when I stepped outside work today. I love fog (see here and here). I will stop on the side of the road if needed in order to get a shot. Fortunately, I didn’t have to do that today.* The field behind the Y–right across the street–was beckoning with oh-so-many possibilities. I shot in black and white with MPro, but when I came home I couldn’t resist playing around. I’m searching for a formula for aRead more

Sunday Play: Digital Collage

Brain fog. The consequence of sitting for far too long at one Starbucks table reading about Lacan, Winnicott, and sadomasochism on a computer screen. My escape from brain fog: photographing the fountain nearby, in the rain, and playing with the images for the rest of the afternoon. Violà! Six digital collages. The collages started as black and white photos taken with MPro on my iPhone which I then collaged with the app Moldiv, processed in Stackables and Snapseed, and re-collaged a couple ofRead more

The Light Inside

A couple of years ago, I was playing with my point and shoot camera, bored with the shots I’d been taking. I was looking around in the yard for another possibility when I saw the heat pump and heard it whirring away. What if I put my camera up to the air grille? What resulted is still one of my favorite unexpected outcomes in my own journey as a photographer. Black and white versions of some of the photos fromRead more